About Us

About Us

East Coast Certification Group is a private certification company with over 30 years experience and based in the heart of Sydney. The company specialises in Construction certificates, Complying development certificates, Fire Safety audits and BCA compliance reports. The team at East Certification Group are A1 Accredited Certifiers, appointed under the Building Practitioners Board.

“Pivotal, technically challenging and practical solutions – our client-focused approach.”

We specialise in Certification of new residential developments, commercial, healthcare and industrial buildings throughout Sydney and the East Coast of Australia.

We achieve stellar Certification outcomes for our clients by adhering to the East Coast Certification Group core company values:
  • Time is of the essence – we understand that Certification is an integral part of the construction process, which is why we outline stringent time management timelines that we always adhere to. 
  • Ethics cannot be compromised – we understand the integrity of the building industry and always work with an ethical focus.
  • Quality is the key – we understand that your home or development is beautifully built, at East Coast Certificate Group quality is the focus of our business.
  • Efficient turnaround for all work – agreed timelines, efficient turnarounds, our service is always on-time and within budget.
  • Right product at the right place 
  • Professional working relationships – these are the pillar of our success and we pride ourselves on producing long-term, ongoing business relationships and networks.



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The East Coast Certification Group Suite of Services:

Construction & Complying
Development Certificates
Fire Safety
Compliance Reports