East Coast Certification Group specialises in providing exceptional Building Certification services to a broad range of residential and commercial clients.

Construction Certificates

ECCG provide Construction certificates on residential, commercial, industrial and health care projects throughout NSW. Our certifiers are highly trained and are A1 accredited certifiers with the Building Professionals Board. We can ensure regular communication with all clients to ensure timeframes are met and allow work to commence in accordance with the approved plans.

Occupation Certificates

Occupation Certificates are legally required to take occupation of a building, ensuring that the construction has met minimum standards as outlined by Building Code Australia (BCA) and further local codes. The expert team at ECCG can take care of all of your Occupation Certificate requirements once your project has been completed.



BCA Compliance Reports

Our BCA Compliance Reports provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring your new or existing building is compliant with the BCA and Australian Standards. Our full-service compliance approach allows our clients to successfully navigate their certification, audit, compliance and approval needs for a range of new and existing buildings.

Fire Safety Audits

Our Fire Safety Audits provide a detailed analysis of the fire safety and fire protection systems within your building. ECCG provides comprehensive Fire Safety Audits to determine if your construction meets the fire safety benchmarks as outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards.

Complying Development Certificates

ECCG provides fast-track Complying Development Certificates that are issued prior to construction for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial developments. The certifiers at East Coast Certification Group have extensive experience issuing Complying Development Certificates on all classes of construction.

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